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The Web Consultants

Here at The Web Consultants, we help organisations to work more efficiently and reduce costs. We are a team of qualified experts who have compiled decades of experience designing and deploying digital systems into a set of best-practice guidelines covering all aspects of web development and SharePoint consultancy.

Together we have completed hundreds of projects in Australia, Europe and the US, varying from simple public websites for small local business, to enterprise intranets for multinational companies. We love what we do and we’re selective with our clients to ensure that once you’ve commissioned us, we dedicate 100% of our time and expertise to meet your needs.

We also practice what we preach. Using digital workspaces to collaborate virtually within our team and also with our clients. This not only keeps costs low, but encourages a work-life balance, known to promote efficient and productive working. We are however, more than happy, to visit local clients in Australia, so long as this doesn’t work out costly for you!

We specialise in:

    • Business Analysis and Intranet Strategy
    • User Experience Design
    • SharePoint Migrations and Implementations
    • Business Process Automation & Mobile Solutions
    • Web Development & Ecommerce

We believe that your success is our success. Our goal is to ensure your staff are engaged through your intranet to create informative, productive and efficient teams.

Anita Weber, Principal

Let me tell you a little about myself. I have spent a good 20+ years of my life in consulting, architecture, design, implementation and support of websites/intranets for large and small, international and local businesses. I am a dedicated and creative user experience professional with a proven record in strategy, design, innovation and all facets of web development.

I work critically and analytically to develop business solutions using software such as SharePoint, Office365, Sitecore and TeamSite. I strategically reduce company-wide workloads and deliver increased efficiency. To ensure my success, I draw upon richly-diverse and creative user experience concepts that seamlessly integrate with business branding, market trends, and dispersed personnel and operational practices.

Moreover, I have excellent stakeholder management experience. I work closely with personnel at all levels of an organisation to identify needs and to provide optimal solutions. I also have the skills to manage both the functional and technical components to be implemented for any size of project.

I founded The Web Consultants in 1999 alone, building up experience with freelance consultancy projects. In 2015, I exited corporate employment and launched the business into a full-time dedicated consultancy. I now have a fantastic team of full-time professionals who are qualified in all aspects of SharePoint consultancy and web development. I’ll be introducing you to the rest of the team shortly, so please come back to meet them!


Anita Weber

Over 20 years in consulting, architecture, design, implementation and support of websites/intranets for large and small, international and local businesses.


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