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The 5 Key Reasons Why Maintaining Your Website Or Intranet Is Vital


One of the biggest investments you will ever make in your business is in your online collateral. It is imperative in this technological age that you have systems which are streamlined, processes which are efficient and that the face you show to the world is a true reflection of your business.

But just like any investment, your online systems must work to improve your business, attract new customers and pay off in terms of real measurable results.

Imagine your website or intranet as a member of your team. Each team member has a role to play in the success of your business, they are expected to perform to a certain level and to keep them at their best, regular team meetings and training is required.

Your online collateral is no different.

Your online systems need regular maintenance or they will fail to perform to the required level.


REASON #1 - Updating Is UpSkilling

The world of technology is a fast paced one and to keep up, software companies are constantly having to adapt their programming to ensure their systems continue to work with outside platforms such as search engines, operating systems and the latest hardware developments. To best serve their customers, they roll out regular updates, which must be installed manually on your server, to avoid incompatibilities or compromise the automated functions of your online systems.

Keeping your systems up to date is the only way to ensure that your online collateral continues to work for your business with complete continuity.


REASON #2 - Security Is Key

Unfortunately, as fast as technology is growing, so too are the ways in which your valuable collateral can be compromised or destroyed. Having a strong and robust gatekeeper is absolutely vital to the security of your data and the systems which manage it.

Occasionally however, no matter how robust your security systems are, a breach can happen. Having a reset plan in place, will take a lot of the angst out of the potentially devastating effects that such a breach can have on your business.




REASON #3 - BackUps Get You Back Up

Every business must have a backup system in place and in a professional environment, this is usually a part of your initial set up. But businesses grow, needs change and to ensure the continuity of your business, your backup systems must adapt too.

When did you last check to see that your backup files are working? It’s easy to assume that once a backup system has been automated, that it will be there for you if you ever need it but if you don’t check, you may find out too late that this vital system has failed you.


REASON #4 - Tracking Your Progress

Every team member has set of KPI’s which measure how well they are performing against the agreed standard and indicates areas for improvement. In the same way, your website can  generate reports which allow you to track how well they are performing, where your traffic is coming from and your conversion rates, to name just a few.

These reports provide indicators to let you know what’s working and what could do with improvement. They also pinpoint potential problems which could seriously impact your bottom line if left unchecked.

Keeping yourself current with how your online collateral is performing is vital to the success of your business.


REASON #5 - Image Is Everything

Keeping your existing customers engaged and attracting new ones requires you to keep your content fresh, update your social media regularly and to manage your SEO as search engine requirements change. Just as your business needs to evolve as time passes, so does your online collateral.

Your website is the face of your business - it’s you out there, 24-7 for all the world to see. You have only a few seconds to capture your visitor’s attention and as they are judging you and your ability to fulfil their needs by what they see, its imperative that the face you show is the one they need to see.

You cannot simply ‘Set And Forget’ if you want to attract new customers, take care of your online collateral and experience business growth.

If this all feels like a daunting prospect or sounds like a lot of work, then why not check out the other articles in this series, public websites and private intranets, where I discuss each of these points in more detail.


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