SharePoint Audits

Do you feel that your SharePoint implementation has failed to return on its promises?

That may be because your rollout of SharePoint has missed the bigger picture. We take a systematic and consistent approach to implementing SharePoint to ensure your success. If you’ve implemented your SharePoint / Office 365 intranet, but your staff are not engaged with it, you need to find out what’s going on from a technical perspective.

We can assess what’s happening and identify the problems and challenges. Following our audit, we provide a full, in-depth report which explains the overall assessment with recommendations, criteria and a roadmap for moving forward.

However, we don’t just deliver a documented audit. We meet with you to explain exactly what the findings mean for your business. Our audit identifies the critical factors which will influence the successful adoption and management of SharePoint to leverage the maximum return on your investment.

All we need is remote access to do the audit!  So why not let us get started?

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Would you like your intranet to match the look and feel of your brand?

Do you feel your intranet is restricting your users to certain default ways of doing things?

We can tailor your intranet to your users’ needs. We follow best practices for usability, to engage staff with your intranet. We provide a more intuitive information architecture and re-design SharePoint to align with your corporate brand.


Do you feel your organisation is slipping behind technology?

We freshen up outdated intranets to drastically improve productivity. If you want to migrate from SharePoint (on-premise) to Office 365 (SharePoint Online), we can help you set up and configure your solution, as well as train you how to use it and maintain it. As a Sharegate Partner, we can migrate your content from all versions of on-premise SharePoint, as well as from your network drives.

This means that we can clean up your documentation, implement template standards, design templates, fix document metadata, help you compile policies, procedures and guides, as well as implement workflows - whatever you need!

On the technical side, we can maintain your Office 365 environments on a monthly basis by tailoring maintenance packages to suit your budget and requirements.

Let us help you realise the return on your investment in technology!

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Forms / Workflows

Are most of your business processes still manual and repetitive? Are human errors leading to inefficiency and waste in your business? Let our SharePoint experts help you transform traditional paper-based processes into best practice business automation.

We tailor our solutions to suit your business, to provide you with the best, most cost-effective solution. During our discovery phase, we identify your existing processes and needs, and document these with a visual structure and flow whilst providing our recommended solutions for stakeholder sign-off. We then develop and implement refined online electronic forms and automated workflows to deliver streamlined business processes including capture of data, more efficient use of resources and refined process tracking and reporting.

Authorised and trusted partner

We have strong relationships with several key vendors in the industry as a recognised premium partner.

We maintain strong relationships with the software vendors listed to ensure we are up-to-date on the latest product advancements and can provide full customer support.


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