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Who We Work For

Here you can read about a number of clients we’ve worked with over the years to give you a flavour of the different sectors we work in and the sorts of projects we have completed. Projects vary in length from a week to several months and some of the projects below are still ongoing. Who we need to work with also varies, from students/parents and staff to the CEO of an organisation!

Healthcare Sector

Aged Care & Non-profit


New South Wales

Feros Care is a tele-healthcare organisation, offering care services for the elderly in remote locations. As well as updating their communications, we added extra functionality, for example with booking systems for resources and a news portal to generate newsletters. Currently we are implementing an e-project start-up and management tool, which brings people, data and milestones together, eliminates lengthy paper trails and makes sure that all personnel’s ideas are captured and retained. We are very proud to be working directly with Jennene Buckley, the CEO of Feros on this exciting project.



This is a not-for-profit healthcare organisation with regional volunteers, so cost savings and lean training were high priorities. We worked closely with everyone in the organisation, captured their individual requirements, built personal solutions and developed a roadmap. We were then able to implement a simple, easy portal and automate all the manual processes, for example the regional offices’ processing of patient documentation for claim applications to government.

Energy & Mining Sectors



Origin Energy is Australia’s leading energy retailer, operating in the electricity and mining sector. Commissioned to update internal communications, implement an e-DRMS project and combine the brands of three companies within the group, we were able to establish digital workspaces for divisions involved in the energy production cycle and also for their clients. We delivered far more processing benefits than originally anticipated and the General Manager was thrilled that the work was synchronized for efficient, coordinated release and change management, within only six months and within budget!


New South Wales

Whitehaven Coal is Australia’s largest independent coal producer. Commissioned to complete an audit of their existing SharePoint intranet, we provided a comprehensive report on the user interface design, information architecture and offered detailed recommendations with new user interfaces to consider. Finally, we created a streamlined style guide and stayed on as an independent consultant throughout the implementation process by a third party. Anita was commended by the IT Manager for working exceptionally well with all departments, considered to sometimes have very difficult internal users, and in the end the client was so impressed that they hired us again for a similar audit of the public website, reviewing the user interface, usability and development architecture.

Government Sector

Local & Federal


Our principal consultant, Anita, has also teamed up with other consultancies in the past to work with the Australian government, both at local and federal level. These projects often require very tight security. Further, government changes during projects have lead to changing needs, requiring flexibility on her part. Example projects have included websites for Australian Passports and for Federal Ministers.

Education Sector

Universities & Private Schools


Also in collaboration with other consultancies, Anita has worked for many colleges and universities, including Ravenswood College, the University of the Sunshine Coast, the Nova Institute of Technology, John Paul College, the Australian Catholic University and Central Queensland University. These projects required engaging with and meeting student-, parent- and curriculum requirements. Projects involved implementing online portals, combining curriculum reporting and all other school-related processes, including parent access and student enrolment.


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