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What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a software built by Microsoft. Companies worldwide use it to build intranets and websites. SharePoint provides enterprise-scale capabilities to meet business-critical needs like managing content and business processes, simplifying how people find and share information and enabling better informed decisions.


Although SharePoint can do many things, it is an enormous platform that needs to be carefully managed to get the best use from it.

Why should I implement SharePoint/Office365 in my business?

SharePoint is extremely scalable and can address multiple business requirements, thereby saving you money on endless smaller pieces of software for different business processes.


It integrates with most other popular enterprise software, so if you can use SharePoint for your business solutions, you can still source data from other applications from within SharePoint.

How long will it take to implement a SharePoint intranet in my company?

Intranets take time to develop. How long depends on the size of the company and complexity of the requirements.

As a rough guide, for small businesses with 20 or less staff, we’d estimate around 4 months. For a medium-sized company, it may take 12 months.

The analysis phase allows us to estimate project duration accurately for our clients.

How will my staff adopt/learn SharePoint?

Some of our clients have never used an intranet before whilst others have introduced one that has remained untouched. This is often because people don’t like change.  If your staff don’t understand why they are using a new tool, they won’t engage with it.

They need to understand the purpose of Intranet and how to use it as a successful implementation needs long-term training and change management. We keep your staff informed all along the way.

What will it cost me to implement SharePoint/Office365 in my company/ business?

Prices are based fairly on the size of the platform required and we are happy to give you a quotation to help you budget for the project.

What is the “Journey” methodology you always refer to?

From 20 years of working in the corporate world on intranets/online applications, Anita has determined that jointly experienced adventures align engaged teams towards the same goal.


Our methodology follows best practice concepts whilst helping you create champions in your organisation.  By taking your staff on a journey with us to build an environment that they contributed to, and which they know improves their working life, they will feel a sense of ownership and pride which will translate into efficient and motivated success.


We bridge the gap between various departments by including management, IT resources, vendors and staff through the journey.

What do you mean by a ‘roadmap’?

Our SharePoint roadmaps are a visual representations of a client’s expectations, experiences and reflections as the project unfolds over time and across multiple stages and transformations, as we work to deliver outstanding intranet applications.

What is information architecture?

Information architecture (IA) is the structural design of content on an intranet/application. This is traditionally communicated visually through a sitemap. The IA planning in SharePoint helps to establish the navigation, metadata, security and workflows for a consistent experience.

Why is branding necessary?

We implement your corporate colours, logo and nuances to create a more engaging and consistent user experience. Branding and efficient IA will engage your staff efficiently and emotionally. This overcomes the otherwise ‘out-of-the-box feel’ of SharePoint, which fails to relate to a staff’s work environment and therefore fails to engage them.

Do you provide any after sales service?

Once your website or intranet is launched, we will provide 30 days of support to keep you confident using your new environment.


After this, you can subscribe to one of our ongoing website care plans to make sure your environment is maintained. More information on our website care plans is available upon request.


Alternatively, you can opt for your in-house IT team to establish regular backups, security checks, ensure your portal is online and that all policies and procedures are implemented.


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